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Aurora Joyas Naturales

Donut earrings.

Donut earrings.

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Aventurine (water green):

This quartz is an excellent channel of positive energies and vibrations, it attracts them to you, by carrying this stone you will quickly notice the impact on both emotional and physical well-being.

It also gives luck to get a job, many people use it as an amulet when looking for work or employment.

On an emotional level, your thoughts will always be focused on positivity, just as you will notice lightness and mental tranquility. You will stop tormenting yourself for mistakes from the past, dreams that you did not fulfill, all this accumulates negative feelings that the green aventurine will take care of eliminating.

Blue Quartz:

It is a great decongestant and cleanser. It is quite useful for the mucous membranes of the body, in general, for uncomfortable rhinitis, painful otitis and bronchitis. Regarding inflammatory processes, this quartz gives us relief for gastritis and certain inflammations of the intestinal mucosa. In addition to all the benefits described, blue quartz speeds up metabolism and strengthens the immune system.

If applied to the throat chakra, it strengthens and protects this area, which results in enhanced communication. If we wear this quartz as a pendant (as a necklace, for example), it gives us peace of mind on a daily basis. If we meditate with the presence of this mineral in the throat, it relaxes us and helps us fall asleep.

Labradorite (gray):

It helps in infectious processes and colds, relieves the sensation of vertigo and dizziness, regulates metabolism and balances hormonal functioning. Calms menstrual tension and blood pressure. Also, it acts on eye and brain disorders.

It is effective in reducing stress and increasing joy and vitality. It favors the expression of feelings and speech skills.

Onyx (black):

It is an energetic cleansing stone, transforming negative vibes into positive ones. Helps to relax tension and stress in processes of taking responsibility. On a physical level, it is very good for relieving acute pain, and works on the bones and teeth.

Pink quartz:

Stone of self-love par excellence. It strengthens the heart and circulatory system, releases impurities, heals the kidneys, and soothes burns and abrasions. It is considered one of the most powerful stones for emotional healing.

Mokaite Jasper (dark and light pink):

It brings courage, self-confidence and determination. It invites introspection to be able to access a better knowledge of oneself. On the karmic level, it mainly has an action on the root chakra and the solar plexus chakra. This stone balances yin and yang and manages to purify the aura of negative energies. Like a shield, it repels pollution and bad influences.

Dalmatian Jasper (black and white):

Dalmatian Jasper is vibrationally aligned with the base or root chakra and can help you feel calm and grounded if you are going through stressful or difficult times. They are usually indicated to develop and carry out ideas and projects. Depending on the colors that the jasper has, it may also have specific properties. Dalmanite jasper represents the balance between dualities, between yin and yang, between light and darkness, between heaven and earth.

Amethyst (violet):

Amethyst is a very relaxing stone, it works on intuition and favors meditation. It is ideal to combat insomnia and provide a restful sleep. In addition, it favors the healing of skin-related problems.

White Quartz ( transparent ):

It is one of the minerals that has the most benefits. It is the master gem that will accompany you in all processes. It collects the energy, the power, amplifies it and directs it where you want. It is widely used to heal. It actively works to harmonize all the Chakras and moments of life, that is, it is the best neutralizer of negative energies.

Green Fluorite (transparent green) : It is used to clean the chakras, provide new energy and eliminate bad vibes. It helps to release emotional trauma that is imprisoned in the body, it also has healing properties as it soothes and cleanses the intestinal tract and stomach.

Quartz Donut: 20mm x 3.5mm / 18mm x 5mm.

Golden earrings: gold-plated surgical steel.

Silver earrings: surgical steel.

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