• Amber.

    Amber reminds you that your essence lies in the deepest and innermost part of a tree trunk, just as your spine, just as your marrow, and it is there one must return, and that is why its greatest utility lies in attracting and maintaining in the physical body the energies scattered in our energetic bodies.

  • Natural stone donuts.

    Wearing earrings and pendants with semi-precious stones is like wearing fragments of fallen stars, each one is a glimpse of nature captured in jewelry. These sparks of the earth connect us with the splendor of the natural world, and tell a millennia-old story in every detail.

  • Harmonization.

    Discover the powerful alchemy of natural minerals, palo santo, and cleansing bundles. Immerse yourself in an ancestral ritual, designed to purify your energy, harmonize your space, and open new paths towards peace and well-being.

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