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Exploring the Properties of Stones.

In the world of jewelry, precious stones have a special place. Not only for its beauty and shine, but also for the energetic and healing properties attributed to it. When choosing a jewel, it is common to come across the question:

I understand the importance of this choice and love to share information about the gems with which we make our products.

It is said that the stones are the ones that choose us, attracting us with their unique energy and connecting with our personal needs. In this blog, you will find a deeper insight into some of the stones we work with at Aurora Joyas Naturales, so you can learn about their properties and find that special gem that resonates with you.

Each stone has its own history and distinctive characteristics. We focus on working with natural gemstones such as moonstone, amethyst, rose quartz, labradorite, and many more. These gems have been carefully selected for their beauty and for the energetic properties attributed to them.

You will discover how the moonstone can awaken your intuition, how amethyst can promote calm and emotional balance, and how rose quartz can radiate love and compassion.

We strive to create jewelry that is not only beautiful, but also reflects the positive energy of the stones. My goal is to help you find that special jewel that not only makes you look radiant, but also gives you inner balance and well-being.

Below I share the properties and meanings of each one of them, so that you can make an informed decision when choosing your right jewel.

Calm and Stress Reduction:

  • Amazonite : Balances energies and promotes inner peace.
  • Rose quartz : Stone of love and serenity, which helps to calm the mind and heart.
  • Aquamarine : Promotes calm, mental clarity and calm communication.
  • Amethyst : Relaxes, relieves stress, purifies the mind and promotes spiritual harmony.
  • Unakite : Emotional and spiritual balance stone, which promotes peace and mental clarity.
  • Howlite : Has a calming effect that helps reduce anxiety, insomnia, and stress.
  • Green Prehnite : It is a soft and calming stone that promotes relaxation and connection with nature.

Communication and Personal Expression:

  • Amazonite : Promotes clear and authentic communication, helping to express thoughts and feelings.
  • Aquamarine : Powers communication and sincere expression, facilitating emotional connection.
  • Lapis Lazuli : Stimulates conscious communication and creative expression.
  • Apatite : Promotes effective communication and authentic personal expression.

Love and Relationships:

  • Moonstone : Encourages love, intuition, and deep emotional connection.
  • Rose quartz : It is the stone of unconditional love, which promotes peace, compassion and harmony in relationships.
  • Pink Agate : Promotes self-love, sweetness, and emotional healing in relationships.

Prosperity and Good Luck:

  • Sun Stone : Attracts joy, vitality and good fortune.
  • Green Aventurine : The stone of luck and prosperity, which promotes personal growth and opportunity.
  • African Jade : Abundance and wisdom, which attracts prosperity and harmony in life.
  • Turquoise : Attracts good luck, protection and health.
  • Citrine : Abundance and positive energy that attracts prosperity and joy.

Protection and Negative Energy :

  • Labradorite : Protective that dispels negative energy and strengthens the aura. Stimulates intuition and self-confidence.
  • Amethyst : Spiritually protective that transmutes negative energy into positive. Promotes mental calm and emotional balance.
  • Turquoise : Protection and healing. It is said to bring luck and peace to the person who wears it.
  • Obsidian : Protection and transformation. Helps dissolve emotional blockages and brings mental clarity.
  • Tiger's Eye : Protection and energy. Helps maintain balance and self-confidence.
  • Red Jasper : Vitality and protection. Stimulates passion, courage and determination.
  • Crazy Agate : Protection and emotional balance. It is said to bring stability and harmony.
  • Leopard Jasper : Protection and connection with nature. Stimulates strength and stability.
  • Green cat's eye : Protection and mental clarity. Promotes intuition and spiritual growth.
  • Red agate : Protection and emotional strength. It is associated with stability and self-confidence.

Wisdom and Introspection :

  • Moonstone : Associated with intuition, creativity and femininity. Stimulates the connection with natural cycles and intuition.
  • Labradorite : Transformation and protection. Stimulates intuition and self-confidence.
  • Lapis lazuli : Wisdom and authentic communication. Stimulates intuition, self-knowledge and inner truth.
  • Unakita : Introspection and personal growth. Promotes spiritual connection and transformation.
  • Apatite : Provides mental clarity and self-expression. Stimulates concentration, communication and motivation.

Energy and Vitality :

  • Green Aventurine : Luck and prosperity. Stimulates vitality, creativity and action.
  • Rose quartz : It is the stone of unconditional love and inner peace. Helps heal emotional wounds and promotes harmony.
  • Smoky quartz : Protection and rooting. Helps dispel negative energy and brings emotional stability.
  • Red Aventurine : Energy and vitality. Stimulates action and passion.
  • Garnet : Energy and willpower. Stimulates vitality and courage.

Emotional balance:

  • Amazonite : Calming properties that dispel anxiety and stress. Promotes emotional balance and clear communication.
  • Rose Quartz : Known as the stone of unconditional love and inner peace. Helps heal emotional wounds and promotes harmony in relationships.
  • Labradorite : Protective, dispels negative energy and strengthens the aura. Stimulates intuition and self-confidence.
  • Amethyst : Spiritually protective that transmutes negative energy into positive. Promotes mental calm, emotional balance and meditation.
  • Unakite : A balancing stone that combines the healing energies of red jasper and epidote. Helps release negative emotional patterns and encourages emotional stability.
  • Howlite : Calming, helps reduce anger, stress and tension. It favors patience, calm communication and spiritual connection.
  • Green Prehnite : This stone promotes peace and relaxation. Helps relieve stress, worry, and negative emotions. Connect with the energy of the heart and encourage compassion.

Harmony and Balance :

  • African Jade : Symbolizes inner peace, wisdom and emotional balance. Promotes harmony in relationships and attracts prosperity.
  • White Agate : Promotes balance, mental clarity and emotional stability. Provides a feeling of peace and well-being.
  • Green lace agate : Harmony and balance, combines soft colors and unique patterns. Helps to release stress, brings calm and promotes serenity in times of change.

I hope you find that special jewel that makes you shine and connects you with your deepest essence. I am here to help you find your right jewel, full of beauty and meaning.

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