What are the chakras?

The Chakras are energy centers present in different parts of our body and are responsible for raising our vibration frequency. Each one fulfills a function and is linked to different emotional, mental and physical aspects. Therefore, its harmony and balance is essential for the well-being of our body and mind. If one or several chakras are blocked, we can experience pain, suffer from illnesses, have feelings of anguish, depression. anger or stress On the other hand, if they are balanced, our mood will improve, we will feel in harmony with ourselves and in tune with our environment.

Why are the chakras blocked? It can happen for various reasons: bad eating habits, fears, strong anxieties, daily stress, disconnection with our being, etc.

There are 7 main chakras, each one associated with a color and a vital function.

First chakra, Muladhara or root chakra. Red color.

It is located at the base of the spine, it is connected with the Earth element and with the material. When it is balanced it gives us a sense of security and stability, and when it is blocked feelings of uprooting, guilt and distraction.

On the physical plane, it is linked to the base of the sacrum, the legs, the feet and the digestive system.

What stones harmonize the root chakra? Brown, red, gray and black stones.

Smoky Quartz: It is a stone of protection that brings light to the darkness. It favors us to stay present and work on evasion. It is used to channel and ground the energy of the universe to the physical plane.

Tourmaline: It is excellent for unlocking any chakra, although it is mostly used to work on the first chakra. It is a highly protective stone because it absorbs and neutralizes dense energies such as anger, hatred, envy and fear (own and others); and directs them to earth to be transmuted.

Second Chakra, Svadhisthana or sacral or sexual chakra. Orange.

It is located below the navel and is connected to the water element, emotions, sexuality, pleasure and creativity. When balanced, it gives us the possibility of full and guilt-free sexuality, flow, change, and new life experiences. When it is blocked it translates into depression, problems with addictions, repression, impotence or frigidity, eating disorders. On the physical plane it is linked to the urinary system, kidneys, sexual organs, reproductive system and hips.

What stones harmonize the sacral chakra? Orange and honey colored stones.

Orange calcite: It puts us in touch with the great creative flow that we all possess. It helps decision-making for changes, and encourages action. It facilitates the connection of emotions with the intellect.

Carnelian: Unlock stagnant creative energies and boost enthusiasm, joy and vitality. Work on relationship skills and activate sexual energy. It is useful to heal what is linked to the sexual and reproductive organs.

Adularia or rainbow moonstone: It is related to feminine energy and helps connect with the cycles and rhythms of our body and environment. Clears the mind and facilitates meditative work. It is beneficial for all stages of women: premenstrual syndrome, menstruation, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation and menopause.

Third Chakra, Manipura or solar plexus chakra. Yellow color.

It is located about three fingers above the navel, on the stomach. It is connected to the element of fire and is related to motivation, capacity for action and self-discipline. It represents "personal power" and the ego. When it is balanced, we have self-confidence, it is easy for us to make decisions and establish our limits and personal needs in relation to others. If it is blocked, we can suffer mental blockage, nervousness, insecurities and dissatisfaction, inferiority or excessive ego. On a physical level it is related to the pancreas or gallbladder, ulcers, heartburn, forgetfulness or chronic fatigue.

What stones harmonize the solar plexus chakra? Golden stones, brown with gold, honey.

Citrine: Helps manifest our personal power by being guided by our essence, and fosters confidence in ourselves. It favors motivation and accompanies us in business, ventures and projects.

Amber: Amber encourages a positive vision of life, lowers stress levels and promotes vitality. It drives us to achieve our purposes and desires.

Fourth Chakra, Anahata or the heart chakra. Green color.

It is located in the center of the chest and is connected to the element of air. It is completely linked to the heart and with the capacity to love: compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, self-love, family, partner and harmony. When it is balanced we feel connected with ourselves and we relate in a healthy way, we were in the energy of love. On the contrary, when it is blocked, we can suffer from depression and loneliness, and we attract toxic and harmful relationships. On the physical plane, it is related to the liver and the cardiovascular, respiratory and immune systems.

What stones harmonize the chakra of the heart chakra? Pink, magenta and green stones.

Amazonite: Powers loving communication, it is the stone of direct and sincere expression of affection. Relieves emotional trauma, and calms worry and fear.

Rose quartz: Connects us with love for ourselves and universal love. It is a heart healing stone. It facilitates forgiveness and self-acceptance.

Emerald: Stimulates our positive vibrations and elevates the aura. It favors love, friendship and union.

Fifth Chakra, Vishuddha or throat chakra. Color blue.

It is located in the area of ​​the larynx at the level of the throat and is connected with the ether. It is associated with communication and is the power center of expression and the word. It also represents creativity, wisdom and organization. When it is in harmony we benefit from the energy of listening and expression in all its aspects, we perceive ourselves as happy and sincere with ourselves. When it is blocked, we experience mood swings, hyperactivity, difficulties in communicating with others, and do not express ourselves for fear of having problems. On a physical level it is linked to the throat, vocal cords, mouth, ears and lungs.

How to harmonize the throat chakra?

Minerals: blue and light blue stones.

Aquamarine or blue agate: They represent joy and sweetness. They help with the expression of emotions and mental clarity.

Sixth Chakra, Ajna or third eye chakra. Indigo color.

It is located in the area between the eyebrows and is connected to the element of light. It represents intuition, visualization and introspection. Invites to connect with the higher mind and other forms of consciousness. When it is balanced we benefit from wisdom and have an understanding of reality, the ability to concentrate and a connection to intuition. On the contrary, when it is blocked, we suffer sleep disorders, learning deficiencies, lack of concentration and intuition. On the physical plane, it is related to the nervous and endocrine system, head, pineal gland, brain, nose and ears.

How to harmonize the third eye chakra?

Minerals: lilac, violet, dark blue, indigo or transparent stones.

Amethyst: It is the stone of transmutation and spirituality. It brings calm and relaxation, being very helpful in meditative processes. It connects the physical, mental and emotional bodies with the spiritual. Helps to go through processes of stress and insomnia.

Seventh Chakra, Sahasrara or crown chakra. Violet colour.

It is located at the crown of the head and is the connection with spirituality, with the energy of the Universe. It is completely connected with the inner light. Although it is generally associated with the color violet, it can also be white, since its energy vibration is the highest, covering all existing colors. When it is in harmony, we go through a spiritual awakening and a connection with the present moment. Instead, its malfunction can give us stress, insomnia, disconnection, rigid beliefs, ego expansion, and the need for domination.

On a physical level it is linked to the head, the brain, mental illnesses, depression.

How to harmonize the crown chakra?

Minerals: golden, violet or transparent stones.

White quartz: It is the healing mineral par excellence and helps us in the process of connecting with our own light. It will grant us purification, cleanliness and harmony.

You can start by connecting with your chakras with our stone kit !

How to clean and energetically charge the stone kit?

We recommend always cleaning before using it for the first time and then at the end of each meditation. Cleaning removes all energy charge present in the stones. We suggest placing the stones under running water, drying them and letting them rest in a pot with soil in the light of the sun or full moon.

How to make a harmonization with crystals?

One way to harmonize our energy with the 7 chakras kit is to place the crystal in the area of ​​the body that corresponds to each chakra and perform a meditation, breathe the energy of the gems and fill ourselves with their tranquility; try to free ourselves from everyday thoughts and when our mind takes us to them, focus on breathing.

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