Renueva tus Joyas: Reparación y Modificación de Collares y Pulseras de Ámbar y Piedras Preciosas.

Renew Your Jewelry: Repair and Modification of Amber and Precious Stone Necklaces and Bracelets.

Dear customer,

It is a true pleasure to offer you my personalized service of necklace and bracelet repair and modification, specially targeted towards jewelry with amber, precious stones, or a blend of both from Aurora Natural Jewelry. I want you to fully understand how this process is carried out and what it entails, so I invite you to carefully read the terms and conditions that govern this service:

1. Product Shipment: Everything starts with the shipment of the jewelry you wish to repair or modify. I suggest you package it securely to guarantee its integrity during transport.

2. Reception and Evaluation of the Product: Once I receive your jewelry, I inspect it to verify its overall condition and determine if it is necessary to replace or substitute any beads, be they amber or precious stones.

3. Repair or Modification Process: Then, I measure and clean your piece, carefully dismantle each element, discarding the used threads and clasps, as I always use new materials to ensure the highest quality. Subsequently, I start the reconstruction of your jewelry on my design board.

4. Return of the Piece: When the transformation is complete, your renovated jewelry will be ready to be returned.

5. Costs: The base cost of my service is 8 euros, which includes the new clasps and thread. This cost can vary if it is necessary to replace more than two or three beads, whether they are amber or gems. Additionally, you should consider shipping costs, which are 5.50 euros for mainland Spain, and 8 euros for the Balearic and Canary Islands.

Finally, I remind you that this service gives you the possibility to adjust the length of your jewelry, whether to lengthen or shorten them. In fact, some customers choose to send their jewelry just for an aesthetic change, without the need for them to be broken (this service has other costs depending on your needs).

I appreciate your interest in my services. If you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact me at the email address

I am at your disposal to help you.

Thank you very much.
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