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Aurora Joyas Naturales

Amaya necklace. Green amber, jade, aventurine, unakite and rose quartz.

Amaya necklace. Green amber, jade, aventurine, unakite and rose quartz.

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Jade helps eliminate toxins, contributes to proper kidney function, strengthens the defenses and calms the nervous system. It symbolizes peace and serenity.

Aventurine is an excellent channel of positive energies and vibrations, it attracts them to you, by carrying this stone you will quickly notice the impact on both emotional and physical well-being. It also gives luck to get a job, many people use it as an amulet when looking for work or employment. On an emotional level, your thoughts will always be focused on positivity, just as you will notice lightness and mental tranquility. You will stop tormenting yourself for mistakes from the past, dreams that you did not fulfill, all this accumulates negative feelings that the green aventurine will take care of eliminating.

The Unakite it is a precious ally to remedy affective imbalances, emotional tensions and problems in relationships. The pink and green energy of the Unakita is closely related to the heart center, through which our emotions pass as well as feelings of love and connection. Release blocked emotions. It is particularly beneficial for the heart and lungs, supporting the functioning of these organs, as well as a good circulation of fluids. It is used to promote good breathing and calm hyperventilation.

Rose quartz strengthens the heart and circulatory system, releases impurities, heals the kidneys, and soothes burns and abrasions. It is considered one of the most powerful stones for emotional healing.

Amber counts among its best-known properties those linked to babies, it helps to alleviate discomfort in the teething stage, and the recovery of energy that is dispersed. However, it also has very strong benefits in adults. Pregnant women are advised to take amber , as its relaxing abilities help to find perfect harmony with your body and with your future baby.

Stimulates the immune system.

It also acts on throat problems, treats the stomach, spleen, kidneys, bladder, liver and gallbladder, relieves joint problems and strengthens mucous membranes.

It can stimulate the navel chakra and help ground the body's energies.

This product was made by hand with 100% natural original Baltic amber and natural semi-precious stones.

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