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Aurora Joyas Naturales

Energy cleaning pack.

Energy cleaning pack.

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Tied cleaning and energy harmonization of the house and minerals.

Ideal for:

When you move to a new home.

When you start a new job or start your own business.

Before and after receiving a client at your home.

Before and after a yoga or healing session.

After an argument or any disease.

When we burn its leaves, they give off a very pleasant aroma, providing a feeling of well-being, peace and good energy.

How to use them ?

·In the home:

Lighting one end, blowing slightly so it doesn't go out and release smoke. Simply walking through the rooms guiding the smoke until you feel the change of energy. It doesn't take much time. A few minutes is fine for a basic cleaning. We recommend opening windows and doors when smoking so that all negative and unwanted energy comes out while we clean.

·To clean our jewelry and minerals:

Exposing the stones to the smoke of the bundle for a few minutes.

Varieties :

tied up

sage :

It is useful in times of great changes in our lives, when we can end up poisoned by stagnant energies or negative and outdated thought patterns.

Lavender :

It brings harmony and peace to the home and is a great mental purifier. This plant favors a harmonious relationship in couples. It also helps to fall asleep.


Aquamarine :

Aquamarine acts on the central nervous system, it is indicated for jaw and tooth pain, it is widely used for bruxism. Strengthens the vocal cords, helps relieve laryngitis and fights stuttering. It works on skin conditions, the lymphatic and hormonal system. In addition, it helps to release physical and emotional toxins.

Rose Quartz :

It is considered one of the most energetic stones that exist. It works directly with everything related to the emotional and is associated with the heart chakra. It strengthens the circulatory system, increases fertility and can be useful for sleeping as it prevents nightmares. It is "the stone of unconditional love", it grants inner peace and stimulates love at all levels, helping to express stored emotions. It favors the development of self-love, and teaches the power of forgiveness and compassion. Dissolves negative energies, eliminates feelings related to anguish, anger, jealousy, and grants calm and security.

Citrine :

It is considered a bridge between the material and spiritual. Under the influence of Mercury, this rock protects the aura and keeps noble souls clean, it also promotes creativity and the development of one's own talents. In the same way, it helps to have a long and healthy life. It directly influences the third chakra or chakra of the Solar Plexus, through which the solar rays enter, its vitality and wisdom. The citrine has the power of the rebirth of the being. The usual thing is to wear it as a permanent jewel or have it close for a while, in this way all its material, psychic and spiritual properties will be enhanced in the being. Those who face economic problems also come to this rock, since it attracts luck in business.

Amethyst :

It is a semi-precious stone that promotes relaxation, calm and balance. By minimizing stress, it is ideal for improving deep sleep and fighting insomnia. Wearing amethyst jewelry can enhance passion and creativity. Strengthens the thought process and imagination, and enhances intuition. It is very positive for skin problems and menstrual pain. Reduces the pain and frequency of migraines, acts as a hormone stabilizer and strengthens the endocrine glands. Amethyst is one of the rarest forms of quartz. The violet color is the result of iron impurities, irradiation and the different trace elements found in this gem. It was appreciated for centuries as protection from envy and thoughts of jealousy and rage.

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