Lignum vitae

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Pack of two 9cm sticks.

Palo Santo is a tree from the citrus family, with sweet hints of pine, mint and lemon. Its aroma is very pleasant and calming.

It can be used for medicinal or relaxing purposes. Inhale the burnt citrus aroma to cleanse yourself of stress or negativity. It is widely used for energy cleansing, relaxation, purification of environments, to meditate and even works as a natural mosquito repellent.

How is it used?

Light it from one end, let it burn for a few seconds, then blow out. Go around smoking your work space, home, car, or anywhere else you want to clear energy.

The rich scent will also bring peace and clarity to the moment along with good feelings.

Use it to clean your crystals.

Palo Santo is also ideal for cleaning your stones and minerals. Help purify your energy when you use them for the first time and periodically when you feel you need to renew it. You should only smoke the jewels or stones with your palo santo.

Origin Peru

Information about our Palo Santo:

Regulated by the Peruvian government

Our Palo Santo comes exclusively from Peru, where for years it has been regulated by the state, with a series of measures to guarantee a balance between the consumption and growth of this tree.

The collection is exclusively of fallen wood

Following state regulations, the wood is always collected from fallen branches or already dead trees. In addition, the extraction is always carried out in assigned areas with a previous study of forest mass.

Commitment to the inhabitants and Re-planting of Palo Santo

The law states that it has to be extracted and cut by the inhabitants of the autochthonous communities, thus benefiting the local economy.

When the Palo Santo passes through customs, it is verified that all the requirements have been met and all the corresponding documentation is delivered.