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Aurora Joyas Naturales

Daisy bracelet. Amber, aquamarine, amazonite, labradorite and turquoise.

Daisy bracelet. Amber, aquamarine, amazonite, labradorite and turquoise.

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Aquamarine acts on the central nervous system, it is indicated for jaw and tooth pain, it is widely used for bruxism. Strengthens the vocal cords, relieves laryngitis and fights stuttering. It works on skin conditions, the lymphatic and hormonal system. In addition, it helps to release physical and emotional toxins.

Amazonite promotes deep and healthy sleep. It has calming effects on pregnant women and the baby, calms anxiety and stress. Relieves emotional traumas, calming worry and fear.

Labradorite helps in infectious processes and colds, relieves the sensation of vertigo and dizziness, regulates metabolism and balances hormonal functioning. Calms menstrual tension and blood pressure. Also, it acts on eye and brain disorders. It is effective in reducing stress and increasing joy and vitality. It favors the expression of feelings and speech skills.

Turquoise is especially indicated for respiratory conditions, lungs, bronchi, larynx. It regenerates tissues and enhances the immune system. It is anti-inflammatory and detoxifying, favors the absorption of nutrients and relieves viral infections. It is also useful for relieving pain and cramps.

Amber counts among its best-known properties those linked to babies, it helps to alleviate discomfort in the teething stage, and the recovery of energy that is dispersed. However, it also has very strong benefits in adults. Pregnant women are advised to take amber, as its relaxing abilities help them find perfect harmony with their body and with their future baby.

Stimulates the immune system.

It also acts on throat problems, treats the stomach, spleen, kidneys, bladder, liver and gallbladder, relieves joint problems and strengthens mucous membranes.

It can stimulate the navel chakra and help ground the body's energies.

This product was made by hand with 100% natural original Baltic amber and natural semi-precious stones.

This design is exclusively for adults.

· Elastic bracelet: Measure 18 cm.

· Knots bracelet: Measure 18 cm.

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